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Why Social Media Marketing?

  • Brand Visibility

    Get access to your target audience and pass on the message in a precise and affordable manner.

  • Customer Loyality

    With a great recall value, social media visibility also draws you customer loyalty from existing customers & their connects.

  • More Conversions

    Building a rapport with your ideal customers has not been easier. Build trust leading to more conversions.

  • Demand Insights

    It’s an unprecedented way of validating whether your product receives a reasonable demand or not.

  • Boundless Outreach

    The entire world population seemingly uses social media thereby giving you a boundless outreach to all the users.

  • Direct Interaction

    Social media gives you the opportunity to interact directly with your potential customers who engage with the brands at their comfort.

  • Pointed Targeting

    Social media platforms make use of their users’ behavioural and personal information thereby giving advertisers the opportunity to do pointed targeting.

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Who do we work with?

  • Real Estate Agents

    Build your personal brand by utilising Agent360’s powerful product suite & services. Generate more clients and close them faster than ever.

  • Real Estate Brokerages

    Generate more money by ensuring your agents get more business. Create an unforgettable customer experience & brand equity with Agent360.

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Why Agent360?

  • We Have The Expertise

    Our experts specialise in getting you the success on social media channels. We know exactly how to spread the message without annoying your end user.

  • Backed By Insights

    Our strategic execution for real estate industry is backed by the consumer insights and always on point. Our approach ensures more focus put on what works and defocus from what doesn’t.

  • Trail of Success Stories

    We have created a bunch of successful social media marketing campaigns for making our clients excel. With such testimonies, you’re always in safe hands.

  • Reliable Customer Care

    Our customer care team is working relentlessly to ensure your goals are met in the said timelines. If you face any difficulties, our team will ensure you get satisfied in the lowest TAT.

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Social Media Plans

Startup Package

$90.00 / month
(Paid Monthly)

$129.00 Activation
$60.00 / month
(Paid Annually)

$129.00 Activation
+ Add to Cart

Business Package

$150.00 / month
(Paid Monthly)

$129.00 Activation
$125.00 / month
(Paid Annually)

$129.00 Activation
+ Add to Cart

Advanced Package

$360.00 / month
(Paid Monthly)

$129.00 Activation
$330.00 / month
(Paid Annually)

$129.00 Activation
+ Add to Cart
Features Startup Package Business Package Advanced Package
Market Analysis
Content Research
Custom Audience Creation
High performance social media curation
Assured monthly reach to 10000+ people
5 monthly post boosts with assured 9000+ impressions
Quality lead generation 150-180 Annually
Dedicated support
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