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By the time your SEO starts giving you leads, your competitors would have made more money. That’s why you need a good combination of SEO and PPC—so that you win the short and the long race.

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How our PPC for Real Estate works

You will certainly get leads via organic methods. But it will take time. And by the time you start converting them, your competitors would have made more money. That’s why you need a good combination of SEO and PPC, so that you will in the short as well as in the long term.



With a detailed questionnaire, we will try to understand your objectives and targets for the next few months.


PPC Strategy

Based on the answers of the questionnaire, we will create a PPC strategy that is customized to reach your target.


Keyword Research & Ad Plan

After the strategy is locked, we will perform actual keyword research to identify the keywords that will capture the maximum intent of your prospects.


Execute and Optimize

We will then launch your first PPC campaign and optimize the performance to reduce cost per lead and maximize ROI.

real estate ppc campaigns

Why PPC for Real Estate?

Unlike other industries where product discovery can begin from retail stores and ecommerce websites to review and product listing websites, real estate product discovery happens online, 80% of all home buyers are searching online. They want to do their research online before they schedule a site visit with you. And they want to see everything—from property photographs, cost, projections of appreciations, to the availability of amenities. This is the reason Pay-Per-Click ads have become common in real estate industry. Secondly, it’s cost effective compared to other means of marketing. The high ticket size in the industry makes PPC lucrative for real estate agents, getting them high ROI on ad spends.

Tag Marketing

If you're not tracking, you're not marketing right.

With tag marketing, you can track every activity your users make on the website. And you can use these tags to attribute users action on the website to the ad campaigns you're running. The benefit? You can build better content, better offerings, and run better ads. Our tracking methodology ensures that our clients know the performance of every penny they spend on digital marketing.

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