Lead Generation for
Real Estate

Having a real estate website is often the first step
to building your contact database and attracting new
leads. The National Association of REALTORS® found that of
all of the agents who made more than $150,000 last year,
82% of them had their own agent websites.
This was in addition to the profile pages supported by their brokerages’ websites.
However, this is not all. It needs to be backed by digital elements that can be deployed to tap customers during their buyer's journey using Facebook ads, social media, and SEO.

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Why Digital Marketing?

  • 44% of the buyers purchased home that they found using the internet.

  • 70% of people prefer to get to know a company through online content.

  • 92% of all buyers used the internet at some point in their home search

  • 42% of all home buyers used the internet as a first step in their home search

  • 14% of all home buyers looked online for information about the buying process

Problems: What All Real-Estate Agents in Canada Need to Know

For sellers across Canada, it’s time to reset expectations. Gone are the days when you could expect to sell your home in a week or less (for more money than your neighbour, who only sold a month ago). Buyers are struggling to afford what’s out there and the result is a rise in inventory and a drop in sales activity.

To overcome this, agents can benchmark what Zolo did. The company started just over five years ago. As a tech-driven real estate marketplace, the company ignored big ad buys and refused to spend money on bus branding, newspaper ads or gimmicky giveaways. As a company, they realized that with more than 90% of home sales start online.

Now, more than ever, digital marketing needs to be at the front of brand planning. Realtors, we need to vet our target audience and align our clients, and ourselves, with these audience members

Our Solution

Our solution is based on the methodology of inbound marketing.



We will decide how a customer passes through each step of his buying process. A funnel based strategy ensure that the lead you get are matured by the time you make the first call.



No marketing campaign can work without a good content. Using our social media analytics tool, we will identify the best content for your target audience.



AdWords is not always the best. Neither is Facebook. We will create combination of best advertising channels for you that will help maximize RoI for you.



The success of any marketing campaign depends on the cost of a lead and how well they convert. Our ad experts will ensure that you get the maximum for every penny you spend.

How We to Implement This Solution

We will help the company in enhancing brand equity using advertising campaigns and promotional strategies.

Part 1: Content Audit

We have devised a 28 parameters‐based content audit using which we can rate content of any brand on a scale of 1‐10.

We will try to identify the content types which gather most engagement, comments, and shares.

Part 2: Social Media Audit

We will run a social media audit on local real estate competitors using our in-house tool, Vaizle. This helps in setting up the benchmarks for managing social media.

After running the social media audit, we will be able to identify: The best content type (videos, links, images, text, etc.) to share on social media, the best time to post a content, and choose the best hashtags to reach the best audience.

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