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Facebook Advertising

  • Unprecedented Outreach

    Reach out to your most fit target audience as we create your outreach campaigns.

  • Qualified Leads with OTP

    No more hassle of struggling with fake leads. Our CRM verifies leads with one time password.

  • Reach Where Customers Are

    Leverage the powerful digital distribution network of Facebook & reach your customers.

  • Narrowed Down Targeting

    Our experts help you define your ideal buyer's persona and target with narrowed down approach.

  • Actionable Insights

    Facebook advertising is also a mode of validation into how your brand is perceived online.

  • Instagram Marketing

    We help you with the outreach of your Facebook ads on Instagram as well.

Google Adwords

  • Quick Buyer & Seller Leads

    No need to wait for traffic on your website. Get the best out of shoestring bugets.

  • Pay Only For Clicks

    We optimize your campaigns for the lowest PPC pricing. You pay only for the clicks.

  • No Fake Leads

    Our lead forms contain a mechanism to verify that the filled contact details are correct.

  • Serve What Users Search

    Target the search queries which customers are using to find your services online.

  • Get On Top of Search Results

    Show up on top of Google search results above the organic SEO results.

  • Micro Targeting

    Target your users according to their location, age, gender and more.

Retargeting/ Tag Marketing

  • Retarget, Retrieve

    Tag users not taking any action on your website, target them later & get more leads.

  • Build Brand Recall Value

    Show your ads repeatedly to the website visitors so they recall your brand.

  • Lower Bounce Rates

    Enhance SEO potential by generating repeat visitors on your website.

  • Thousands of Ad Impressions

    Increase number of relevant ad impressions to the tune of tens of thousands every month.

  • Wide Distribution Across The Web

    The Ads are distributed across the web to give your brand a massive exposure.

  • Multi Device Compatibility

    The Ads are served across web and mobile devices and are fully compatible.

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