Social media advice, email marketing tips and how-to content on SEO for real estate

Social media advice, email marketing tips and how-to content on SEO for real estate

The sole component that sets social media and Real Estate to flow in the same boat is the people. Despite the ways for media to get strong, technology to evolve its branches through the society, the observance of social media marketing is perpetually steered by relationships. What makes the business flourishing has always been the trust established by human entities through a promising alliance. Social media should always be operated as a platform to carve connections and to make convictions between the People and the Real Estate.

Since 2020 is the period of Covid-19 which has sanctioned the people to barter their properties through the developed social media platforms. According to a survey report by the Ryerson University Social Media Lab, it is observed that many of Canadians in the state of home busted have now made access to the different social media platforms for instance; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more of the clan.

As per the report Canadian people using social media includes: YouTube with 64% of its users, Instagram (51%) whereas Facebook turns out to be extensively used app with (83%). “To grow social, you have to be social.”

Social Media for Real Estate

  1. Creating a social media account for your business - Promoting your business on social media is one of the brainiest things you would ever do in the era of 2020. With the fact, people of Canada being arrested in their homes can make their business substantial by marketing it on media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram while making a business page for your Real Estate company. Foremost the key to success is only to be dedicated towards your selling that would for sure do wonders for your work. 
  2. A wall between private and professional life - As early as the Real Estate agents put themselves on any of the social media platform for the marketing, they must understand the values of using the program. They should better be conscious about their organization’s status. Their personal life also leaves a stance on the buyers.
  3. Consistency - The amount of the Real Estates selling is directly hanging on the agent’s potential of advertising their properties on the right platforms. The agents need to be consistent in their work. Consistency is the only door to betterment in the competition of this World.
  4. 3D pictures and videos - Back in the years, it was relatively impossible for the Real Estate agents to showcase their desired property on media because of the outdated phones and cameras but hell what!! it’s the most convenient way of advertising the property now. All the agents need to do is to capture pictures with 360 degrees of angle and make 3D videos with perfect demonstrated areas of the property and upload it on the media.

Email marketing tips

As far as real estate agents are sending proper emails to the clients it’s a fruitful match of Real Estate and the Email Marketing. 63% of email marketing campaigns in the real estate industry received promising engagement.

  1.  Initiate with an open hand email - Take a start with a warm welcoming email with the client to terminate the line of cold silence. You might send the email after you have made the first interaction with the client. It is important to make your email apparent and efficient to understand. It must include (CAT) Call-to-Action to make scheduled phone calls and meetings. Remember client engagement is the key factor to conversion
  2. Vocabulary that you need to recognize - While crafting the Email realtor must be familiar with the vocabulary used in the Real Estates business language; For instance:
    • List
    • Subject line
    • Spam
    • Open rate
    • Bounce rate
    • Conversion rate.  etc.
  3. Segmentation in the Email - A reasonable way to allocate the email is to segment it into varied portions based on set norms. For example: Demographic segmentation: A kind of segmentation that distinguishes the market into minor sectors bused on demographic factors such as gender, age and income.
  4. Email newsletter - A modest form of Email Marketing is the use of Email Newsletters especially efficient for the beginners in Real Estate agency. It would make the system easy and functioning. An easy way of sharing your fresh listings, upcoming occasions or any of the recent blogs made.

How-to-content on SEO for Real Estate agents:

When an optimistic buyer looks out for a Real Estate agent, he tends to search for them on Google. Google then submits the outcome based on SEO and thus websites with best accomplishments would be displayed or listed on the first page. The best part about real estate SEO is that it never rests and generates leads for you 24x7.

Using SEO-friendly terminology helps to drive more traffic to your business pages or website. Updating your website content in a regular manner can help in lifting website rankings. A solid recall is created amongst consumers when the pages and tabs are linked to multiple sources, both online and offline.

Google maps as a vital ingredient:

Place your business pages on google maps which would benefit the clients to find their location according to their desire (e.g. Toronto city in Ontario, Canada). Make sure to include a street address and city 

Promote social media platforms:

Ensure the maximum use of social channels to bring traffic to your site. Google search engines stages good audience to your business but it is better to strengthen the approach in different forms for instance blogs etc. 

Connect! Socialise! and Grow your business as social media is everywhere. As a realtor, it is important to grow your network by consistently marketing yourself. The foremost priority is to find new clients and potential leads. Almost half of the buyers start their searches for properties online. Online medium is a great way to promote your business, boost sales and get potential buyers. So, if you get your marketing bang on you are all set to rule.


Ryerson Social Media Lab; July 13, 2020; The State of Social Media 2020, Ryerson University.

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