30 Actionable Tips for Real Estate Lead Generation in 2020

30 Actionable Tips for Real Estate Lead Generation in 2020

Real estate agents in general juggle between macro and micro activities to run their business smoothly. The macro activities broadly reflect upon periodically finding the fresh sellable real estate inventory and the buyers for their curated properties.

They also have to spend time on micro activities to support their business. Such activities range from lead generation to closure and the after sales services in some parts of the world. In their truest characteristics, the realtors have to be great sales people with extraordinary capabilities of building and nurturing the client relationships

While all of the above activities need a realtor’s skin-in-the-game, they are often stuck with the first step in the deal making process. In this article, we share the 30 actionable tips for real estate lead generation.

There are many ways of generating leads for your real estate business:

1. Build Buyer’s persona

In its truest essence, buyer persona is nothing but understanding your audience well. Large companies have dedicated teams of researchers for finding who their target customers are and tweaking their offerings accordingly to stay ahead of the competition.

The real estate developers are no different and so should the realtors be. Try segmenting your audience based on the demographics like age groups, income, location and interest areas. This is the first step for knowing whom you are trying to chase

The buyer personas are also very helpful when you have to create ad sets for online marketing campaigns like Facebook and google.


2. Build a sales funnel

A sales funnel defines a typical customer journey right from prospecting via advertising to finally making a purchase in a specific sequence of actions.

A typical real estate funnel should illustrate steps from capturing client’s attention to finally making sales. For example, running Facebook/ google ads for getting prospect to fill your lead capture form followed by regular followups via calls/ emails leading upto the closure.

3. Build convincing Ad Copies

When you have no clue about how a new chocolate on a supermarket shelf tastes like, what makes you take the decision to buy? Curiosity right?

The brands spend millions of dollars on creating convincing packaging labels which generate curiosity in potential buyers. Similarly in order to convince your buyers for taking action, you need to grab their attention.

So study what ads your competitors are running and use your creativity in building convincing ad copies. This should get your target customers to click on the ads and land in your sales funnel. Before running ppc campaigns for realtors , we spend great amount of time on studying the product and creating the ad copies accordingly.

4. Build an Email List: Email marketing is still an easy and effective way to get qualified leads. When you have visitors on your website, get them to subscribe to your email list. It helps you give them the relevant information about the new properties that you promote and answer their queries.

5. Ensure good website Interface: The user experience of your website plays an important role in affecting prospective customer’s decision to buy from you. You must give extra importance to what information you include in your website and where you place inquiry buttons for user to take an action.

6. Events and Exhibitions: Hosting events or taking part in real estate exhibitions can help you garner attention of your prospect. You will be able to connect with people who are interested in your offertins, giving you a better chance of hitting the sales. It is also a good way to assess your competitors and their strategies to get customers.

7. Do Remarketing: An effective strategy for lead generation is to do remarketing to customers who do not take an immediate action. This means that you tag the customers leave your website without taking any action. Facebook and google advertising gives you this option for serving your ads to this category of audiences to build recall value and more conversions.

8. Personalize Your Services: Technology is important to assist us in carrying out basic tasks but it is necessary to prioritize personalization of services. A customer will connect more to that company where he feels valued and important. If you want to make it big, you need to focus on the smallest bits.

9. Onboard Affiliates: Affiliates are the people whom you can build strong business relationships with. They bring you qualified clients with who can buy immediately from you. Basically, they are the folks who can help you reach out to prospective clients and expect a cut for every closure.

10. Incentivize prospective buyer: Freebies can be a great incentive to motivate consumers to give you their relevant information such as email id and residence address. Freebies can be as simple as providing some insightful book to offering free home evaluation. When you have customer’s data, you can target him better.

11. Use Social Media Accounts for Login: Giving customers the option of logging in to your website via Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc gives a touch of personalization to your marketing strategy. Most of these accounts have all necessary information that you would need about a consumer leading to a simple sign up process.

12. Keep nudging your contacts: A cost effective way to generate good quality leads is to look into your existing network and contacts. You will not only give them the confidence to buy from you, but also get their help for spreading the word to those in their circles. By offering some incentives and gratitude for their help, you can garner more leads.

13. Study Customer Behavior: Another important aspect of generating leads is to understand customer behavior. Whether you are marketing through email or online advertising be careful while noting what is working for the customer and what is not. Then, incorporate more of what you feel was successful.

For example- if people click on your ads but don’t lead to sales, there can be many flaws. Either you are targeting the wrong audiences or you’re serving the wrong methods of conversion to them

14. Use Multiple Strategies: When it comes to online lead generation, use multiple lead generation strategies to help your business. It is possible that some channels work better than others so it is important to keep all your options open. You should be open to both organic and paid marketing channels.

15. Showcase Your offerings Attractively: Taking advantage of the sense of sight can be a great tactic to generate leads. If you package or market your products in a way that is attractive to the consumer, you will be able to gather some initial interest, which you can build upon. Packaging the product information with multimedia content like videos and pictures also helps a lot.

16. Write blog, regularly: Good content is at the heart of lead generation. Creating a blog where you post regularly can help bring more customers to your website, thus giving you an opportunity to make sales. However, it is important to ensure that the content brings value to the reader and offers practical insights and information they need.

17. Leverage the Power of Social Media: Social media has grown into becoming one of the most important lead generation tools. By being active on social media, you can connect with a broader audience and organically build the following. This can further be used to understand your target customer segment better.

Make a calendar of activities you can do on social media and diligently follow it. Make visible to the user how they can contact you.

18. Record Video Testimonials:

Having video testimonials on your website or social media handles can also help in generating leads. The impact of such reviews is much stronger than that of those simply written. Whenever you get the opportunity, encourage your customers to record and share their video testimonials.

19. Give Attractive Offers: Offering customers something unique is a proven way to get their attention. Realtors can negotiate deals to create offers on the buyer side. Some out-of-the-box strategies can really help you gain a strong footing. For example your foot in the door on the selling side can be free property evaluation.

20. List on Real Estate Directories: There are several real estate directories where you can enlist your promoted properties and give your contact and website link for capturing prospects. Explore such online/ offline directories in your locality and leverage them.

21. Existing client Referrals: Existing clients are a great resource for lead generation. When a customer buys from you, ask them to put you in contact with others who may be interested in what you offer. It also works wonders if you’re able to upsell to your existing customers .

22. Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Good SEO can help boost your website’s visibility when people seek information online. It’s a good way to bring organic traffic to your website. Ensure you follow the right tactics or hire experts to help you with SEO. Keyword difficulty score is an important parameter in SEO. So find the relevant keywords with buying intent, which are not difficult to rank for.

We also help our customers with search engine optimization.

23. Use Chatbots: Using chatbots can help you in generating leads. In today’s time, customers value timely answers to their inqueries. Just having a chatbot on your website can drastically increase the number of incoming inquiries. Also, there’re messenger campaigns offered by Facebook ads.

24. Tele-communication: Conversations over the phone are more personalized and pose better chances of closure. So pick up the phone and make those calls, which you’ve been procrastinating long

25. Follow up Actively: Usually, you will need to follow up regularly with customers and brokerages to actually be able to build demand a supply of properties you can sell. It is important to ensure that you regularly stay in touch so that your passion and willingness to onboard customers is reflected.

26. Use Eye-catching Slogans: On your website or in your advertisements, you should definitely look to incorporate eye-catching slogans which immediately grab the reader’s attention. Using an interesting statistic or fact as your headline will motivate the person to continue reading.

27. Get a CRM Software: The main purpose behind a CRM software is that customer relationships can be nurtured in a way that they are able to last for a long time. Investing in a good real estate CRM can ensure that your communication and relationship with your customers are prioritized at all times so you never run out of credible leads.

28. Extensive Use of Visuals: Visuals such as images and videos are very useful on landing pages, social media and other platforms. They appeal to a customer more than written text. If you are trying to explain something related to your offerings, try and use more graphics and videos and as frequently as you can.

29. High Quality Backlinking: Backlinks to your content on your own website or on related blogs and posts over the internet can boost lead generation. Ensure that you get high domain authority websites to link to your website. It can help drive you more traffic and boost the SEO of our website.

30. Use Social Login: Giving customers the option of logging in via Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc gives a touch of personalization to your marketing strategy. Most of these accounts have all the information that you need about a consumer while they enjoy using a simple sign up process on your website.

Bottom line

Lead generation is more of an art than science. You cannot run a successful real estate business without having the right customers. Whatever strategies you choose to go with, just ensure that you build them with high emotional quotient. What strategies do you follow for real estate lead generation; let us know in the comment box below.


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