5 Tips for effective real estate lead generation

5 Tips for effective real estate lead generation

Real estate agents in general juggle between macro and micro activities to run their business smoothly. The macro activities broadly reflect upon periodically finding the fresh sellable real estate inventory and the buyers for their curated properties.

They also have to spend time on micro activities to support their business. Such activities range from lead generation to closure and the after sales services in some parts of the world. In their truest characteristics, the realtors have to be great sales people with extraordinary capabilities of building and nurturing the client relationships

While all of the above activities need a realtor’s skin-in-the-game, they are often stuck with the first step in the dealmaking process. In this writeup, we will share the 5 tips for real estate lead generation for realtors with our own experience of working with hundreds of realtors in the recent past at Agent360.

#1 Build Buyer Persona

In its truest essence, buyer persona is nothing but understanding your audience well. Large companies have dedicated teams of researchers for finding who their target customers are and tweaking their offerings accordingly to stay ahead of the competition.

The real estate developers are no different and so should the realtors be. Try segmenting your audience based on the demographics like age groups, income, location and interest areas. This is the first step for knowing whom you are trying to chase

The buyer personas are very helpful when you have to create ad sets in Facebook/ google advertising.

#2 Build a sales funnel

A sales funnel defines a typical customer journey right from prospecting via advertising to finally making a purchase in a specific sequence of actions. A typical real estate funnel should capture the client’s attention via Facebook/ google ads to capturing the qualified lead to regular follow ups to the final closure.

#3 Build convincing Ad copies

When you have no clue about how a new chocolate on a supermarket shelf tastes like, what makes you take the decision to buy? Curiosity right? The brands spend millions of dollars on creating convincing packaging labels which generate curiosity in potential buyers. Similarly in order to convince people for taking action, you need to grab their attention.

So study what ads your competitors are running and be a little creative in building ad copies which get your target customers to click on the ads and land your funnel. Before running ppc campaigns for realtors , we spend great amount of time on studying the product and creating the ad copies accordingly.

#4 Follow up Actively

I’ve seen hundreds of realtors generating a decent number of leads month on month but not following up actively with their prospects. Either they are running too busy with existing customers or too satisfied with whatever they earn. This is my opinion is the receipt of failure because cannot expect scaling up your business unless you have fire in the belly.

 That said, a realtor CRM can surely help you set reminders to do the occasional followups with your clients. As they say, a prospect is not a client until he pays you. So keep chasing your client until they pay you.

#5 Record video Testimonials

One of the most impactful ways of producing quality video content that is super useful in marketing is recording video testimonials of your clients. If you have a satisfied customer, make sure you record a video testimonial for your youtube channel and social media handles.

 It build you credibility and the trust of future prospective customers. It can let you create more convincing ad copies in future for lead generation and get you better SEO rankings.

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