Real Estate Advertising Strategies that work in 2020

Real Estate Advertising Strategies that work in 2020

Advertising is both an art and science which requires intensive research of the target audience, their interests, pain areas and then expressing your offerings creatively to build a connect with them.

Assuming you’re a realtor reading this article, let’s start with the research part. Here’s a checklist of what you should know before advertising your offer. Try to answer it diligently and honestly before you begin.

  • Who is it for?

To define your target audience.
married, 25-60 yr olds, annual salary> $50k.

  • What pain point is it solving?

What pain point is it solving?
To bring forward a meaningful value proposition.
well located so you don’t have to waste a large part of your day traveling to work.
why pay huge rentals when you can own your dream home.

  • Why should it matter to them?

To create an irresistible offer.
a once in lifetime offer to buy this beautiful home.
prices revising soon so buy cheap now.

The above research can bring you much thought clarity on who do you have to go after and what your approach has to be.

After the research part, you need to create convincing offer that sells for itself and this is the fun part. The more creative you get, the better interest you get. But be sure to not lie or exaggerate things that you cannot deliver.

Here’re a few creative ideas for you to adopt into creating amazing real estate ads that shall work in 2020 and beyond.

1. Build a narrative to address customer’s pain areas

Many customers have gone through or are going through some problems that you can effectively address.

For example, this ad below addresses customer’s pain areas like paying high rentals when the customer could own a home and save money. The advertiser promoted the fully furnished budget condos under $300k CAD.

Important: Making attractive offers is great but it’s also imperative to deliver upon such promises.

2. Create a mandatory retargeting strategy

Sometimes the prospective customers click your online Ad to browse the properties/ information on your website. While they may want to purchase a property immediately or later, you should retarget them with the right strategy to show them the relevant ads again.

Think about showing them the properties on Facebook they browsed on your website. It can significantly increase your conversion rates.

3. Get creative with Slogans to catch interest

Slogans play a great role in attracting the right audience to your offer. We’ve written a detailed article on real estate slogans that you can follow to create for yourself.

The bottomline is that you can build an amazing brand recall value and connection with your clients using attractive slogans.

4. Clearly show what customers have to pay for

This has many advantages- the first and most important being qualifying the perfect customers with paying capacity for your offerings.

Imagine a client with $500k budget for a small semi-detached home clicking your ad of a $2M detached, luxurious property. Client’s curiosity is fine but you lose money with every such click.

The earlier you disclose pricing in your sales funnel, the more qualified lead you will generate.

5. Customer testimonials help

This is the fun part. As consumers, we love to browse through the reviews and testimonials of most of the products that we intend to buy.

When customers are so aware of doing due diligence on low ticket products, it is obvious that they’ll be more cautious for high ticket size real estate products.

Most of the brokers do not have reviews published on social forums like Facebook or google. So a good strategy is to publish your customer testimonials in picture/ video format on your squeeze page/ website.

Research shows that it can additionally fire up the customer interest upto 30%.

6. Show a Video

People love consuming video content these days. Videos are convenient to watch, generally give out the message quickly and help build authentic connect with the brand.

This is why most brands are strategising on creating videos for their customer acquisition.

The realtors can leverage walkthrough videos created by the project developer. They can also publish client feedback or a marketing video for real estate business they own.

7. Give a free service

Free services act like a bait for getting a client onboard and showing your value ladder to up-sell later.

For agents, the marketable service can be Free Evaluation for people looking to sell their homes.

If you use our real estate website builder, you get such tools free of cost for your website. These tools can be used for attracting your target audience for a free service to start with.

8. Create an urgency

The human psychology revolves around buying things with an urgency tag. How realtors can leverage this is by creating a time-sensitive offer which customers can’t resist.

Using words like “before it is too late”, “don’t miss the train”, “now or never” in your ad copy creates a sense of urgency amongst your potential buyers and they are intrigued to know more.

9. A negative headline to generate interest

 Let’s accept it- Negative headlines grab the attention more quickly than the usual/ neutral ones.You creativity can play a great role here in making headlines that sell.

For example, how will you react to this ad:

Headline: “You can’t afford this home a year later” Ad Text: “The homes are getting expensive in Canada. It’ll become unaffordable to buy your dream home a year later. Act Now.

10. Create an effective landing page 

The landing page aka squeeze page plays a great role in your sales funnel. If used effectively, it can collect the leads and generate great business for you.

Be sure to include all the necessary information of your offerings in your landing page but don’t do an overkill by making it too lengthy. Around 2-3 folds is more than enough if you’re able to put the right elements together.

We do not prefer giving any external links or navigation in our landing pages because that takes away the users’ attention and adversely affects the conversion rate.


Advertising in real estate requires building great deal of trust with the buyer because of the large transaction size. The more creative you get in executing these strategies, the more effective marketing campaigns you can create.


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