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Real Estate Advertising Strategies that work in 2020

Advertising is both an art and science which requires intensive research of the target audience, their interests, pain areas and then expressing your offerings creatively to build a connect with them....

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Best Real Estate Agent Websites in 2020

Realty business apart from the realtor’s handwork and skin in the game requires a strong online presence in today’s scenario. A strong online presence often represented by the website, is a undisputed...

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20 Real Estate Slogans that sell for you in 2020

Slogans are everywhere. Just move your head around and you find brands with catchy captions trying to get the immediate attention of their target audience. Needless to say, real estate is a business based...

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5 google search operators for real estate SEO in 2020

Google is the largest search engine with trillions of webpages crawled by its robots for serving most credible results to its users. It’s the most powerful search engine too with many useful search operators...

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30 Actionable Tips for Real Estate Lead Generation in 2020

Real estate agents in general juggle between macro and micro activities to run their business smoothly. The macro activities broadly reflect upon periodically finding the fresh sellable real estate inventory...

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A quick guide to SEO for real estate agents

Real Estate websites tend to be large and complex due to the high level of functionality and searchability required to meet the needs of your site visitors. The National Association of Realtor’s suggests...

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