COVID -19 . What will the future behold?

COVID -19 . What will the future behold?

During this unprecedented COVID-19 situation that we are all facing together, we are asking ourselves the big questions “what will the future behold?”, and “when will we go about our lives in a normal way?”

We all find ourselves at home doing our part, working remotely, and keeping distance from our friends, family, and customers. However, we see ourselves connecting more intensely via digital  channels. The old ways of doing things are on pause, and may never come back fully the way they were once practiced.

But they say- never let a crisis go waste. Realtors today may find themselves back to the drawing board, thinking maybe about how they can effectively connect with their audience and build the trust they were once able to do by personally visiting each prospect. Conventional prospecting methodologies may not lead to many conversions amidst changing priorities so realtors need to think how they can best utilise these times for their long term benefits.

1. Go back to the drawing board:
Really- since future looks different, think about the customer segmentation again. Thing retrospectively- if there was anything you were not enjoying about serving your usual clients, what is it that you want to change about it? If it takes you to make a pivot in which type of clients you want to serve in future, think about it. If it's about how you want to serve your customer segments, think about that too.

2. Build your System for future.
Most of the realtors have been been doing it all wrong. They do so much manual work like staying on top of their client communications, tracking their leads from handwritten notes and so on. This is the time to reflect upon how you've been complicating your life all this while and how you can uncomplicate it. A real estate CRM can essentially let you ease out the entire process from prospecting to lead nurturing to final closures. Goes without saying- there is a learning curve to any CRM, so use this time to learn how to use one effectively.

3. Create content with your experience
Real estate is the industry of creative people who make plans and achieve goals everyday. With your experience as your best teacher, you share so much with your clients in every meeting, on every call. Why not document it? If you can spend 30 minutes everyday to reflect your thoughts through the content that you share with the world, you'll do very well engaging with your future clients.

4. Learn how to improve your search engine rankings
There's nothing better than creating your organic search engine rankings. This lockdown is that opportunity to create your authority when the keywords are less competitive. While most others are busy wasting their time on unproductive things, you can do simple SEO tactics to dominate a few positions in the months to come. Learn and optimize your website yourself or ask an expert.

5. Activate your Social Media handles
It's believed that over 67% prospective customers trust those brands more which stay active on social media. Amidst ongoing covid-19 lockdown and some more expected in near future, people are spending more time on social media than ever. It's your opportunity to leverage the same. Keep posting relevant stuff on your social media handles and see the magic happen. Your message is going to reach some relevant audience/ customers and you may generate some additional leads translating into cashflows.

6. Run Digital Ads
Contrarian to the belief of the most, running PPC campaigns on google and impression campaign on facebook can give you good levy of crashed click/ impression pricing. Because most of the competition is hesitant in spending on ads right now, you can leverage less competition and more RoCE for your campaigns. Just make sure that you monitor your campaigns regularly.

To learn about how we are helping realtors grow, reach even wider audience, connect in engaging and effective ways, and do so more economically, connect with us and now ask us how. Ask us how we can help you continue your business growth online, discuss options that best suit your current situation and/or offer assistance with your e-marketing efforts.

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