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Do realtors need a website?

The internet has taken over the world by storm and has revolutionized the way people conduct their businesses or consumers find the products or services they need. With a click of a button, customers are...

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Make Your Business Stand Out with the Right Real Estate Website Design

The world is now online. No matter what industry or business domain you are dealing in, you can be sure that your prospective clients are online looking up for information and evaluating you and your competitors...

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Social media advice, email marketing tips and how-to content on SEO for real estate

The sole component that sets social media and Real Estate to flow in the same boat is the people. Despite the ways for media to get strong, technology to evolve its branches through the society, the observance...

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Insights into the global market, think-pieces on where the real estate industry is headed

Our viewpoint on the impact of economic forces on property markets worldwide - Discussing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global real estate- The priorities of Real estate have altered during the...

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COVID -19 . What will the future behold?

During this unprecedented COVID-19 situation that we are all facing together, we are asking ourselves the big questions “what will the future behold?”, and “when will we go about our lives in a normal...

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Real Estate Sales- Real Estate Sales- Reaping benefits of Customer Retention

It’s no rocket science that with rising competition, real estate sales is becoming hard with every passing day. The new real estate agents are feeling the heat. With the skyrocketing acquisition costs...

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